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Adonai Advertising is the only Digital Marketing Training institute to be a Google Partner. Here are the details of the DFA & DFP Training course available in our Hyderabad Office.

We cover both BASIC & ADVANCED DFA & DFP Topics in our 25 Days of LIVE Sessions.

Learn the Concept – Work on a Live Account– Get Placed in MNC’s.
Please attend one of our LIVE SESSIONS and then decide on your joining.

800+ Placements in Accenture, MNC’s – 3000+ Students Enrolled.
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800+ Placements:

% of Students Placed so Far 71%
Avg. AdWords Fundamentals Exam Scores 97%
Avg. Advanced Search Exam Scores 94%
Avg. Advanced Display Exam Scores 96%
Avg. DFP Fundamentals - Traffickers Scores 90%

Training Schedule

  • Ad Operations Training
    • Introduction & Overview:: 2 Days (Difference b/w Advertiser & Publisher & GDN & Publisher Websites)
  • Functionality of the Platforms/Console – 5 days (IAB Standards, DFA and Functionality)
  • Ad Serving Methodologies & Core Elements – 2 days (Third Party Ad Serving)
  • Ad Trafficking – 8 days (Inventory, Orders, Tagging, Line Items, Creatives
  • Targeting Methods – 3 Days
  • Ad Selection Algorithm – 2 day
  • Forecasting & its importance: 2 days
  • Troubleshooting: 2 days
  • Reporting and Analysis: 3 days

Google AdWords Certification

The process of advertising a Product/Service in a considerable and most efficient way to hog the attention of the people by presenting the Product/Service in most significant way across different targeting methods like age, gender region , location, geography, etc.

This process helps the Advertisers/Publishers to sell his product on the internet and create awareness at the same time gives good revenue to the publisher based on what the publishers pricing equations are with the advertiser. Ad Operation involve different procedures to give the best to the users/viewers visiting the site leaving an advantage to the advertiser by promoting his service and benefit to the publisher as he makes money as per the pricing equations.

Ad Operations Training in Hyderabad at Adonai Advertising, Course Content: Ad Ops

  • Overview of an Advertiser?
  • Overview on the functionality of an Advertiser Ad Server/3rd party Ad Server?
  • Overview of a Publisher?
  • Overview and functionality of a Publisher AdServer?
  • How call is made for an Creative/Ad?
  • What is the response and how to understand the response?
  • How the Ad is triggered and its functionality?
  • How the Ad is shown on the web Page (GDN/Publisher sites)?
  • Technologies Involved
    • HTML
    • HTML 5
    • Java Script
    • Flash
    • IFrame
    • Difference between IFrame and Java script
    • IFrame Buster
  • Pricing Models
    • CPM
    • CPC
    • CPD
    • CPA
  • Ad Serving
    • AdServing Functionalities
    • Common Functions
    • Advanced Functions
  • Ad Tags Tag Templates Dynamic Tags
  • Flash Cookies
  • Server Side Cookies
  • Hosted Creatives
  • Third party creatives
  • Types of Creatives
  • Standard Creatives
  • Rich Media Creatives
  • Flash creatives
  • Animations Videos In banner Videos Push down Side /Bottom Kick Prestitials Skin Peel offs
  • Sponsorship
  • Standard
  • High
  • Normal
  • Low Price
  • Priority Network
  • House Bulk Ad Sense
  • Approaches One-to-one approach
  • Appeal of specific interests
  • Niche marketing
  • Geo-targeting Types
  • Email Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Behavioural Targeting
  • Semantic Advertising
  • Social Network Advertising
  • Different definitions Large Creative Latency Difference in Timings
  • Usage of Ad Blockers/Ad Filters Caching – (cache)
  • Spam Filtering
  • Trafficking Errors
  • Frequency Capping
  • Geo Targeting
  • Geographical Targeting
  • Geo targeting
  • DMA targeting
  • Zip code targeting
  • Psycographical Targeting
  • Age targeting
  • Gender targeting
  • Content Targeting
  • How Ad selection Algorithm Operates
  • Overview of the Algorithm
  • Using the Ad Selection Algorithm for higher ROI and related topics.

Ad Operations Training in Hyderabad from Adonai Advertising & Media Pvt Ltd.

Please attend Our “3 Day Free LIVE Sessions”. The Only Training Institute to be a Google Partner.

Our Highlights
  • Flexible Backup Sessions.
  • Work On Live Adwords Accounts
  • Adonai is a Google Partner Agency
  • 100’s of Interview Questions
  • 6+ Google AdWords Certifications
  • Internship for Eligible Candidates at Adonai

The Best Place to Learn Google AdWords, PPC in Hyderabad. The Best Trainer in Hyderabad. I have got in Traffica as an SEO Expert aftre getting trained from heere. Thank you very much ?

Biraj Minz

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