Ever Heard of AdWords Bidding by Weather Condition?

AdWords Bidding by weather, ever heard of it? If your answer is No, don’t worry most of the AdWords Experts are alongside you. 75-80% of the AdWords Experts have never even heard of this feature. AdWords Training in Hyderabad teaches you all these concepts.


But here it is, It is possible to bid by weather using AdWords Scripts. You can use Scripts to Bid for your keywords and increase or decrease your CPC’s based on the climate conditions. There are certain business verticals whose business vary greatly on weather like “Ice- cream parlours” etc. You can do this manually also but this takes lot of effort and time. So you can use AdWords Scripts and apply Bid Multipliers on Weather Conditions.

This script uses Spreadsheets to save the list of campaigns and their targeted locations. A call to the OpenWeatherMap API is made for each location and weather conditions are calculated using some basic rules. If a rule is executed, then a respective location based bid multiplier is applied to the location you are targeting for the campaign.

You have to create a spreadsheet with 3 sheets in it, they are:

1) 1st Sheet would have the Campaign’s Data i.e. Campaign name, Weather location, Weather condition, Bid modifier, Enabled.

2) 2nd Sheet would have the Weather Data i.e. Condition Name, Temperature, Precipitation, Wind.

3) 3rd Sheet would have the Weather Location Data i.e. Weather Location (http://openweathermap.org/help/city_list.txt ) , Geo target code )https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/appendix/geotargeting).

To know more, you can read through this link: https://developers.google.com/adwords/scripts/docs/solutions/bid-by-weather. Since the world is going online, many excellent features have been introduced for advertisers to effectively manage their AdWords account. Learn these concepts and methodologies in Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad.

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