DFA & DFP Training in Hyderabad


Adonai Advertising is the only Digital Marketing Training institute (also offers DFA DFP Training in Hyderabad) to be a Google Partner. Here are the details of the DFA & DFP Training course available in our Hyderabad Office.

We cover both BASIC & ADVANCED DFA & DFP Topics in our 25 Days of LIVE Sessions.

Learn the DFA DFP Concepts – Work on a Live Account– Get Placed in MNC’s.
Please attend one of our DFA DFP Training sessions and then decide on your joining.

800+ Placements in Accenture, MNC’s – 3000+ Students Enrolled.
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800+ Placements:

% of Students Placed so Far 71%
Avg. AdWords Fundamentals Exam Scores 97%
Avg. Advanced Search Exam Scores 94%
Avg. Advanced Display Exam Scores 96%
Avg. DFP Fundamentals - Traffickers Scores 90%

Training Schedule

  • DFP & DFA
    • Introduction & Overview:: 2 Days (Difference b/w Advertiser & Publisher & GDN & Publisher Websites)
  • Functionality of the Platforms/Console – 5 days (IAB Standards, DFA and Functionality)
  • Ad Serving Methodologies & Core Elements – 2 days (Third Party Ad Serving)
  • Ad Trafficking – 8 days (Inventory, Orders, Tagging, Line Items, Creatives)
  • Targeting Methods – 3 Days
  • Ad Selection Algorithm – 2 day
  • Forecasting & its importance: 2 days
  • Troubleshooting: 2 days
  • Reporting and Analysis: 3 days

Google AdWords Certification 

DFA and DFP Training in Hyderabad from Adonai offers the real time training on DoubleClick platforms. Google owned DoubleClick in March 2008, commonly called DFP & DFA. DFP – Double Click for Publishers is an AdServer/AdServing platform, where the ads can be trafficked across websites (including publisher websites). DFA – DoubleClick for Advertisers, is an AdServer/AdServing platform, where the tags generated from the DFA account can be trafficked across publisher ad servers also called Third-Party AdServer.

DFP & DFA programs involve a decent approach and posses a user friendly interface for this current ad age. Campaigns and creatives can be managed easily and have a simple and efficient layout which make it comfortable for the publishers to use and simple to implement.

Having gained an experience of working with Account Optimization for long, enjoys a deep knowledge and greater understanding on the intriguing concepts of Google AdWords. He served Advertisers from APAC region for several years and assisting High Tier Advertisers with high spend and large campaigns during his time with Account Optimization Team.

Course Content:

  • Differences between Advertisers & Publishers
  • Differences between Display Network sites & Publisher Websites.
  • Introduction & Overview of AdOperations (AdOperations Topics will be covered in DFA & DFP Training Module)
  • Process & Procedure of serving the Ads across Publisher sites
  • Overview of the console (DFA & DFP Platforms)
  • Importance of the console & how it is used?
  • Why do we need a Console/Server to serve the Ads?
  • DFA (DoubleClick for Advertisers)
  • DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers)
  • Introduction & Overview
  • What is DFP?
  • How is DFP helpful in the present ad age?
  • Trafficking (Ad Management)
  • Creating Advertisers
  • How to create Orders
  • How to create Line items
  • Introduction & Overview
  • What is DFA?
  • How DFA is helpful in this present ad age?
  • Trafficking (Ad Management)
  • How to create a Campaign
  • How to create a Placement
  • How to Upload Creatives in the interface
  • How to create an Ad
  • Linking of the Ad to the placement/site
  • How to Export tags
  • Reporting
  • Naming
  • Flight
  • Targeting
  • Impressions
  • Creating Ads and the types of Ads
  • Standard Ads
  • Flash Ads
  • Third-party Ads
  • Interstitials
  • Reporting
  • Campaign optimization to meet the goals of publishers

Please attend Our “3 Day Free DFA DFP Training Sessions”. The Only Training Institute to be a Google Partner.

Our Highlights
  • Flexible Backup Sessions.
  • Work On Live Adwords Accounts
  • Adonai is a Google Partner Agency
  • 100’s of Interview Questions
  • 6+ Google AdWords Certifications
  • Internship for Eligible Candidates at Adonai

The Best Place to Learn Google AdWords, PPC in Hyderabad. The Best Trainer in Hyderabad. I have got in Traffica as an SEO Expert aftre getting trained from heere. Thank you very much ?

Biraj Minz

I learned PPC and Google AdWords to the very core and was easly placed in Google Ads Review team- Vendor. I thank Adonai and team for their time in helping create my resume as well. Thank you very much.


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